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Taxes don't go away

As an expat you have a great opportunity to make your tax-free salary count. But taxes from back home can hurt your financial health. Our e-book helps you think about questions such as:

  • Am I still a UK resident and what does that mean for my tax?
  • Are my savings taxable when I return home?
  • What happens tax-wise to any real estate I own?

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Becoming tax optimised

It’s not what taxes you’re paying now but what you might pay later when accessing your savings. You need to make sure there are no tax surprises in store. And that’s where we can help – just as we’ve helped hundreds of other expats tax optimise their portfolios. Our guide helps you start thinking about your tax burden the right way

  • Creating a tax-efficient portfolio
  • Accessing your savings with incurring tax losses
  • Tax tips covering for each stage of your expat life – from landing to leaving
  • How to make compound growth work for you



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