What happens if you have to leave?

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Becoming financially prepared

As an expat, you have a great opportunity to make your tax-free salary count. But make sure you’ve got an exit strategy in case the unexpected occurs. Our e-book helps you think about questions such as:

  • How can I protect my family if I lose my job?
  • What’s the best way of transferring my money back home?
  • Where’s the best place to keep my savings so I can access them from back home?

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Getting it right

Financial health is too important to be left to chance. And that’s where we can help – just as we’ve helped hundreds of other expats get into financial shape. Our guide helps you start thinking about financial health the right way:

  • Protecting yourself and your loved ones
  • Tips covering for each stage of your expat life – from landing to leaving
  • Insight into how to save and where
  • How to make compound growth work for you



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